Sunday, February 2, 2020

Coaching High School Baseball Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Coaching High School Baseball - Term Paper Example During tryouts the coach has to decide on the combination of players; how many specialist pitchers he wants, how many players need to be groomed for the future and so on. If there are too many players then playing time would be split among them; if there are too few then there’s a risk of not having enough players for a game. Players have academics, vacations and other activities that take up their time so it is advisable to pick around fifteen to seventeen players. The number of players that can be picked is also dependent on the school or league rules. While picking the team during tryouts, the coach can make fact-based decisions by using a team selection matrix. The matrix consists of 3 to 5 selection criteria with weights assigned according to their importance. Different selection criteria can be chosen but the three most important are; player skills and positions, attitude and reception to coaching and athleticism and potential. Each player’s score is then multiplied by the weight for that criterion. The scores after weighting are added together to come up with the final tally used to choose the team. (Krause) After the team has been chosen, the next step is to acquire the equipment and uniforms. The overall look of the team can be helpful in providing confidence to the players. As budgets are usually tight, the cost of the uniforms is an important consideration. It should be remembered that the full cost will be a combination of the initial price and the added expense of uniform repairs and maintenance, thus quality and cost should be compared before making a decision. The athletes are the school’s representatives so the uniforms should be in the school colors and have the school logo displayed. The manufacturer should be able to design the uniforms with the athlete in mind. High school teams need uniforms that will support their growing bodies and their athleticism. The main component of a great high school baseball uniform is durability.

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