Saturday, November 2, 2019

Why is the study of racism, sexism and other systems of oppression Essay

Why is the study of racism, sexism and other systems of oppression important in understanding gender relations - Essay Example It is a fact that understanding the intricate nature of gender relations becomes phenomenally simple if they are studied in combination with various oppressive behaviors that may be quite vibrant in the society. Facts and discussion presented in this paper are basically meant to illuminate the reality of the claim that â€Å"gender relations can be easily comprehended by both sexes leading to safe workplaces and friendly domestic environment, if racism, sexism, etc. are satisfactorily studied and understood.† Racism means that there exist profound differences between the people of different groups relating to their capacities and abilities, and depending entirely on their race. This unjustified thinking pattern deeply influences gender relations and mutilates the social roles of both men and women. Both sexes find it increasingly difficult to communicate with each other in a society fraught with racist behaviors. This difficulty in communication leads to poor relationships bet ween men and women both at workplaces and in private lives, thus leading to marred gender relations. Sexism also heavily impacts gender relations owing to the groundless belief that one sex is superior to another in every possible way. Such a negative societal behavior leads to an unbalanced society because the roles played by both sexes are equally important and praise-worthy in regards to maintaining a societal structure.

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