Monday, November 18, 2019

World War I Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

World War I - Research Paper Example One must understand that there were a number of different reasons as to why the World War I broke out in the first place. The formation of the Central and the Allied alliances had a very essential role in lengthening the time period of the war which actually made this war into a very destructive one from a number of different aspects (Higham 2003). Within the Western and the Eastern fronts of Europe, there were clear cut signs of formation of armies and this played a huge role in erupting the war from the aegis if the sea. Essentially the war kicked off from these quarters. The role of the United States was immensely significant in starting the World War I. Similarly it played its decisive role at prolonging the war to great extents as well. There were a number of victories and losses within the World War I. However what is most important is the need to understand that the whole war was a huge loss to the society and the peoples of the different nations (Murphy 1979). Their lives were ended, properties decimates and so on and so forth. The humanity got a real shock from the domains of the leadership regimes working within the countries, who were actively or inactively involved within the war itself. So many of the children lost their parents, a number of them even lost their lives. Women lost their husbands and brothers to thi s war and hence the blow to the whole structure of the family was something that could easily be suggested as a major negative within the crux of the situation that took place during the length of the World War I (Walker 2001). The ending was also on a negative note, much like the whole period of the war. The victors might just have won the war but they were unable to win anything else apart from that. Killing innocent people is never considered a victory for any army or a nation so to speak. The interesting thing about World War I was that there were a number of different wars within the World War I

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